Experiment your ideas!

SPARK LAB is an innovation agency dedicated to guiding companies to experiment their ideas on final user, thanks to rapid prototyping technologies and user experience evaluation.




Based on 10 years of experience in innovation management, SPARK LAB boosts your ability to innovate faster and smarter, by bringing together ideas, prototyping and users.

Your company has a lot of ideas.

Nevertheless, you have surely encountered difficulties to bring them to reality and choose the ones that would be your businesses success for tomorrow!

You have surely known these kind of projects that due to wrong choices, cause at best additional expenses, at worst waste of energy, time and money.

Why ?

Due to a lack of time, means or methodology, turning an idea into trial by users generally requires a lot of human resources and time.
The central question of user experience assessment is generally considered too late in the process, therefore preventing your capacity to easily change your strategy direction.

Human experience centric

Our conviction is that you have to experiment as fast as possible with your final user, to validate your ideas’ potential.

It’s based on this experience and conviction, and to help you throughout these decisive steps, that SPARK LAB was created.

We are an external and agile organization, and also flexible and multi sector. SPARK LAB gathers all skills and expertise together for the needs of your innovation projects.


Our offer



We help you develop your ideas, taking into account your company values, your strategy and studying your final users. We enrich your ideas through creativity methodologies and resources


We give you access to a large panel of rapid digital prototyping tools as well as to our expertise and that of our partners to realize functional and connected product and services prototypes.

User experience test

We evaluate the marketing potential of the concepts thanks to user experience tests.





Steering innovation, is about managing the unknown. Based on our experience and our agile methodology, we steer your innovation project with great clarity.


Our approach is focused on qualitative and ethnographic tests. We enrich our evaluation with specific quantitative test, for precise and reliable results.


IoT, materials science, process, Composites, IP…
We use all our expertise to ensure your project sucess.


We form a transversal and versatile team, complementary to your own resources and know-how (designers, creative, marketing, technical,…)


Our rapid prototyping lab is equipped with conventional and digital tools.
Thanks to our partners, we realize complex, smart and connected prototypes.


Our work is embedded within your own eco system for the needs and benefit of your project: your resources, suppliers, partners, clients and users.

They trust us


BABOLAT, Worldwide leader for rackets sports sporting goods industry

3 innovation projects:

  • Concepts of innovatives rackets integrating new technologies, for new international markets
  • Industrial & technology innovation for manufacturing of sportings goods

Have a look on Babolat website


ESP CONSULTING is an organisation unique in Europe: a medical sport center, a professionnal training center and a physiology and biomecanics research department.

SPARK LAB leads an innovation project for a new medical tool.

Have a look on ESP Consulting Website


Meet us!


The Team

  • Aristide
    Passionnate of innovation and technologies, leading an innovation project is as skiping a sailing boat, my other passion: a huge ocean of opportunities, the way is uncertain with many direction changes, but the common objective is always to arrive with the crew safe and sound, with efficiency, safety and fun!
  • Alexandre
    Designer and model maker
    Designer and model maker, I enjoy create new solutions and manupulate materials and process to realize the best quality prototypes for your innovation projects.


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